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Page Content field value. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ...

The problem:  When browsing a web part page with query string parameters, the page displays an error text " Page Content field value. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ... ". This is very strang and annoying behaviour. I faced it now in SharePoint 2013 but there are blog posts explaining this error in the previous version as well. The solution I found in the posts was not to used the  reserved query string parameter .  I agree this is good option but what about the cases when something is working in SharePoint 2010 and after the upgrade to 2013 it is not. And rewriting the logic is definitely time&money consuming task. The solution I found is more simple. The solution: Download a web part page from SharePoint 2010 environment. Upload it in SharePoint 2013 library using the Explorer View. Add you web part(s) in it. Browse the page with your query string parameters and it will work correct

Error: A duplicate field name "Name" was found. [Part 2]

Before some time I posted about an error I faced  - " Error: A duplicate field name "xxxx" was found ". This week I have the same problem. The challenge now was that the clients don't have time to rename their custom fields and deploy new code that uses the new internal names. So here is one possible approach. The problem :  Error “ A duplicate field name "Name" was found ” when a site collection feature for provisioning custom fields and content types is activated. The workaround: Edit the Name property of the problematic field(s) in the elements.xml files of the custom fields' module and custom content types' declaration. Deploy the changes with Update-SPSolution. Activate the site collection feature. Deploy the original wsp again with Update-SPSolution. Explanation:  This works because the custom fields deployed with module are not created directly in the database. They are alive through their elements.xml files. So if the origin