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Big part of being SharePoint person is reading the right articles!
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Error: A duplicate field name "xxxx" was found

Soon I have some experience with migrating solution from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.
The migration was on 3 steps. First one was just to copy the custom fields, content types and list definitions from the old VS 2010 project into a new VS 2012 project for SharePoint 2013. Looks like pretty simple task but …..
The problem:  Error “A duplicate field name "xxxx" was found” when the feature for provisioning the fields and content types is activated.
The solution: Review the field definitions and make sure no field has Name property equal to some of the ‘reserved’ values.
Explanations: In SharePoint 2010 there was no problem to have these fields as a definition of custom fields: <FieldType="Note"
DisplayName="Description 1"
Group="Group 1" />

Custom Item in 'Sned To' menu

In my previous post I show how to put some javascript to all pages in a site collection using the delegate control. This is pretty common scenario and the approach with the AdditionalPageHead control works great.

In this post I will use again the approach to solve another issue.
The scenario:  Add a custom item in the ‘Send To’ section in the contextual menu for document. 
The solution: Overwriting the default javascript function in core.js. The javascript function renders the new idem. A delegate control is used to bring the customizations on the pages in a particular web. 
Code Sample:download from here
Explanations: In such tasks the most normal approach will be using a custom action which most difficult part is to find the correct value for the Location property.
The problem in our scenario is the fact that the Send To menu items are rendered only by javascript. There is no way to use custom action for it so the only option is to find a way to overwrite javascript.
The file CORE.debug…

Message to multiple site collections

Before some months I start following the TechNet forums about SharePoint. I read every week many questions, bookmark the interesting once, answer and research the others. I find it very useful and many new things are learn in a very fast way. Of course, the price of this is a time but let’s say I have a lot of it now J
I notice one issue in tree similar questions so I decide to write a post about it.
The scenario: how to add a message on a multiple site collections.
This might be necessary when some farm maintenance is planned and the users must be notified.
The solution: Site collection feature which use the JavaScript API to display the notification. The script is injected on the page with a delegate control AdditionalPageHead.
Code Sample:   download from here

SharePoint 2010 JavaScript client API has the function SP.UI.Status.addStatus which adds astatus message on a page. The code is simple:
SP.UI.Status.addStatus('the mayans:','The world will not end on 22.…

New Page

August 2012, I quit my full time job. I was tired to work 40+ hours week, after week, after week, after week and not to have time for my life.

I discover that some of the things that make me demotivated are:
-working in a fix working hours; -working on projects that are not interesting for me or are out of the direction that I want to  make progress; -working to cover impossible deathliness and have nothing in return;  -working without a smile and inspiration; -existing without living;

Now I’m a freelancer.
I believe this is the right way for me even now in the beginning is damn difficult.

I’m starting with my second try to create a good and useful blog.  I didn’t delete or edit my previous posts even the English in them is too bad.

Feel free to contact me at any SharePoint topics.