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Integration in Internet ?

Nowadays, the business need of system integration in one company become more and more important task. Many companies search for good, cheep and easily developed portal solutions so they can make one common entry point for their systems and no doubt, the best Microsoft solution for this task is the SharePoint platform.
While companies and enterprise integration have many options and products, what about the Internet integration? Is there a simple and no resources required way to recreate the idea of integration?
The reason for trying to do this is the fact that there are many areas in internet where we can make a portal collecting different sources and information and making this in a very simple and cheep way. And of course, if we make good and useful portal, this will not be a waste of time ad money. Making or using some crawlers and displaying the results in categorized way is good but not so cheep solution. As a big fen of Google, I try to combine their services and to see how can I …

What is SPObject.Resolve()

This is my professional blog where I will post things, thoughts and ideas that I face in my daily work as a developer. And because I’m a SharePoint developer most of the topics here will be about SharePoint 2010 and integration of applications.

In short about me :
   - at this moment I have 3 years of experience as a developer and have worked in the following companies:
Interconsult Bulgaria
  ( April 2010 to present )
( September 2008 to April 2010 )
( February 2008 to May 2008 )
( June 2007 to February 2008 )

   - I have developed Windows Froms and ASP .NET applications but my interests and passion are in building SharePoint solutions

   - I have 3 certificates for SharePoint - although I don’t think MS exams are something really important I think a developer who pretend to be a good professional has to take the exams in his area.

Why to have a blog ?

SharePoint is area where is very difficult to write or show something really new. Of course, if you are…